“More listening,
less talking;

more feeling,
less thinking;

more doing,
less promising;

more inventing,
less polishing.”

Robert Wong
Google Creative Lab

Anthony Cafaro

Designer & Gentleman

I live in Manhattan’s Alphabet City. I haven’t slept in days; sleeping only makes me tired anyway.

I’m a co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Project Madison. We’re making something new and delicious for your kitchen. More info on that to come. Early in 2014, we made a simple and fun way to see what your friends see, called Sup. Here’s what it looked like.

My career started at Google as a part of The Five. I spent three years at the Creative Lab where I helped launch Google+, branded Google[x]’s Project Loon and co-created a Super Bowl commercial.

I later joined some friends at the start-up Stamped. I interviewed Justin Bieber, and shortly after a successful launch, we got acquired by Yahoo! In a year at Yahoo, I helped form their Mobile & Emerging Product team and I laid the groundwork for the Yahoo app and conceived and designed the new Yahoo Screen mobile experiences.

I graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2009 where I studied print, motion graphics and web design.

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